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BoDreay Fraser


What my clients are saying...

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BoDreay Fraser is an Eastern Medicine and Alternative Health Practitioner. She is well versed in the modalities of: Reflexology, Raynor Massage and Bodywork, Cupping, Gua Sha, Topical Ozone, Thai and Shiatsu Massage,Vibration and Sound Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Nutrition, Herbal and Plant Medicine, and Energy Work. BoDreay has years of experience and has studied in multiple countries giving her a multifaceted and unique approach to health. As the Creator of iHealCollective she aims to bring together diverse practitioners from all walks of life, to practice and teach a variety of healing modalities that are interconnected in aiding one's wholistic healing journey.

She is currently located in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico and is looking forward to helping all those that have been seeking answers to their Health and Body issues and not found them in Traditional Western Medicine. She is available for one on one virtual consultations.

Prices in Mexican Pesos

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Contact me to get started on your holistic health journey today!

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