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The AquaCure machine is a practical, reliable, and versatile HydrOxy electrolyzer (generator) that is safety certified, designed and manufactured (from experience dating back to 1986) to give many years of trouble free service, which is why it has a Lifetime Warranty!

What is it?

• Tutorial Video •
Unboxing and Setup with Dr. Ross Andersen

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  • ANTI-AGING > 30% lifespan increase

  • Eliminates scars, warts, and psoriasis

  • Helps body heal wounds faster

  • Mitigates allergies and respiratory ailments

  • Relieves headaches, neuropathies, and pain

  • Mitigates myalgia and relaxes muscles

  • Mitigates many cancers and diabetes

  • Improves eyesight and hair

  • Decreases Parkinson's symptoms

  • Decreases Alzheimer's symptoms

  • Relieves arthritis and carpel tunnel

  • Improves immune system

  • Increases libido

  • Achieves true hydration, aids all cellular functions also protecting RNA and DNA

  • Increases mental alertness and energizes the body like nothing else on Earth

  • Makes super water; increasing alkalinity (PH) and lowering ORP of inflammatory drinks

  • And much more...

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HydrOxy Gas is breathed in via nasal canuli. A relaxing experience to support your health. 

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