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The Miracle of Boswellia

The Healing Power of Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil, and other Sacred Frankinsence products.

Most of the health issues faced by our modern society are caused by our own weakened immune system. Whether the natural aging process or exposure to environmental toxins, these factors are causing hormonal imbalance in our bodies, which lead to weakening of our immune system and in consequence, health problems. 


What many people do not realize is that there are often an ancient natural cures to overcome those problems. Several of those cures are derived from Sacred Frankinsence - a food grade, highly therapeutic sap of the tree genus Boswellia Sacra. 

Over 700 Scientific articles have been published on Frankincense in the recent decades, proving that aromatherapy products made of Frankincense resin are very powerful healers, with literally no side effects.


The name frankincense is derived from the French term franc encens and means the true or “free lighting” incense. Frankincense comprises the resin produced by a group of trees belonging to the genus Boswellia. 

Botanically, the frankincense tree belongs to the family of the Burseracea and its genus is denoted as Boswellia. The word Burseracea means that these plants produce balms and resins in special tissue canals. 


Sacred Frankincense - the resin produced by Boswellia Sacra tree, has long and fascinating pharmacological history, the oldest pharmacological note - the papyrus Ebers, written before 1500 BC. already mentions frankincense as a drug. The papyrus itself contains information for medical doctors concerning diagnosis and treatment of several diseases. 

Two thousand years old apocryphal book - 'Testament of Job', mentions that Job, who is the protagonist of the oldest book in existence - 'The Book of Job', was the one who was preparing ointment made of Frankinsence. 

Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher living in the first century AD. wrote an encyclopedic work, Naturalis Historia, which became a model for all other encyclopedias. In this book Pliny mention that in his times Sacred frankincense was valued more then gold.


The best known nowadays of the frankincense product is frankincense essential oil. Let’s talk shortly about this oil.

Essential oils protect plants from outside threats—from viruses, fungus, bacteria, or even from vectors carrying diseases. Those oils, like frankincense essential oil, can strengthen and balance our hormones and empower our immune system to fight germs, bacteria, viruses and even cancerous cells which have invaded our bodies.


Essential oils are basically chemicals; like alcohols, terpenes, esters, or ketones, they are organic compounds containing no nutrients, vitamins, or minerals. Made of tiny molecules, some essential oils are able to penetrate the deepest and tiniest parts of our bodies and balance our hormones. For example, frankincense essential oil molecules are so small that they can penetrate the blood brain barrier and work on our emotional and physical wellbeing by healing physical and neurological disorders.


There are hundreds of essential oils on the market today, produced from variety of plants; however, the most ancient one, known as the king of  of all essential oils, is Sacred Frankincense. This oil is hydro distilled from oleo-gum resin of the Boswellia Sacra tree, which grows wild in southern Arabia - in the very ancient countries of Oman and Yemen.


Frankincense essential oil has been known for thousands of years and except of medical use it was used to anoint the newborn sons of kings and priests, which may be the reason it was brought as a gift to the baby Jesus. 


There are several Boswellia tree species producing frankincense resin, the most common are:


• Boswellia Sacra from Oman and Yemen


• Boswellia Caterii and Boswellia Frereana from Ethiopia and Somalia


• Boswellia Serrata, primarily from the Indian subcontinent.


The most ancient and famous variety of all, the Boswellia Sacra tree, grows wild in southern Arabia, flourishing in the limestone hills, mountains, and valleys of Dhofar, the southern region of Oman. These trees produce oleo-gum resins which distil frankincense essential oil with the highest content of most valuable therapeutic components, called alpha-pinene (indicator of anti inflammatory boswellic acid), and Incensole acetate, exhibiting an antidepressive-like effects.


Depends from which which country / region the frankincense sap is harvested, it exhibits major differences in its therapeutic qualities. For example, Omani Sacred Frankincense essential oil has on average 68 percent content of alpha-pinene, compared to Somali Boswellia Caterii - 38 percent, or Indian Boswellia Serrata - only 8 percent of alpha-pinene component.


Sacred frankincense oil has remarkable therapeutic qualities and has been used for thousands of years to enhance physical, mental, and emotional states of wellbeing. 



• Elevates spiritual consciousness

• Enhances meditation

• Relieves chronic stress and anxiety

• Reduces pain and inflammation

• Boosts immune system

• Prevents and fights cancer

• Helps with anti-aging and wrinkle fighting

• Remedies scars, wounds, stretch marks, acne

• Improves circulation and lessens symptoms of joint pain related to conditions such as arthritis, asthma, and digestive disorders

• Is a natural cold and flu medicine 

• Is a natural hygiene product due to its antiseptic properties. 


Laboratory Hydro-distillation of Boswellia sacra ole-gum resin can create other products, such as Frankincense Hydrosol, Boswellia Extract and Frankincense Serum.

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