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Get the Ultimate in Browns Gas Therapy

1.2L per minute gas production

Hydrogen Water in minutes

3 Stage Filtration System

Accessory Ecosystem

Free Tutorials and Education

The Incredible Healing Power of Browns Gas
Hydro-Oxy Therapy

Take a dive into Browns Gas with Paul Roy... 

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Unveiling a New Standard in Browns Gas Generation

A secret in Japan, a place famous for longevity, now available to you.

How it works

Hydrogen Inhalation:

Brown's Gas, also known as HHO gas, is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the proportion of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom. Inhaling hydrogen has been studied for potential health benefits, as it is believed to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The small size of hydrogen molecules allows for easy diffusion into cells and may contribute to cellular health.


Antioxidant Effects:

Brown's Gas is theorized to act as an antioxidant by selectively neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body. This oxidative stress reduction can potentially mitigate cellular damage and inflammation, contributing to overall health and well-being.


Potential Cellular Energy Boost:

Some proponents suggest that the inhalation of Brown's Gas may enhance cellular energy production. The increased availability of molecular hydrogen may positively influence mitochondrial function, which is crucial for generating energy within cells.


Inhalation of Brown's Gas provides supplemental oxygen to the body, potentially improving oxygenation of tissues and cells. This increased oxygen availability may support various physiological processes, including metabolism and overall vitality.


Regulatory Effects on Cellular Processes: 

Brown's Gas is thought to modulate various cellular signaling pathways, potentially impacting gene expression, cell survival, and other regulatory processes. Studies exploring these regulatory effects aim to elucidate the broader implications of Brown's Gas on health and wellness.

Science Articles

Molecular Hydrogen as preventative medicine

Molecular Hydrogen as preventative medicine

Molecular Hydrogen and Covid

Molecular Hydrogen and Cancer

Real world survey of hydrogen-controlled cancer: a
follow-up report of 82 advanced cancer patients

Molecular Hydrogen and Glioblastoma

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Why the iHG-600 is simply the best.

Our Features

Functionality You Will Love


More Gas

The iHG-600 does what it's supposed to best. What's that? Make. More. Gas. Every device is hand calibrated to reach up to 1200ml/Liter of Gas Production.


Accessories you need. Included.

The iHG-600 Deluxe kit comes packed with accessories so you have all the versatility to take advantage of all Browns Gas treatments right out of the box.


Unlimited Usage

Go ahead, leave the machine on for an over night session. Many clients use over night sessions to augment their routines and saturate during restorative sleep using the best in class Browns Gas Machine.


Easy Tool Free Assembly

The iHG-600 can be set up right out of the box in as little as 10 minutes! No tools or complicated instructions. 


Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

The iHG-600 is assembled in United States and hand-built to the highest standards by our hydrogen certified* engineers.


Safety. Built in.

The iHG-600 has a blow back detector built in in case any flame or ember comes in contact with the pure gas. Many other machines on the market lack this feature. Go with the safe bet on this, trust us.  



  • Deep cleaning process: Uses citric acid instead of harsh chemicals for safer and more effective cleaning.

  • Easy to use: O-ring is positioned correctly for proper sealing and leak prevention.
  • Includes Arm and leg bags: Available for targeted therapeutic use.

  • 3 Stage Filtration

  • Tower Included

  • Switch Accessories quickly with quick-release eco system.

  • Quick setup: Can be set up in under 3 minutes without tools or complicated assembly.


Other Machines

  • Weak Cleaning process based on citric acid. reduces machine longevity

  • Doesn't include many accesories

  • only 1 or 2 stage filtration

  • Tower not included

  • inconsistent accesories and attachements

  • Complicated Set up





4x Cannuli

The standard nasal application for easy Browns Gas Therapy.

Arm & Leg Bags

Apply Gas to specific arms and legs for localized application to the skin.

Bubbling Stone

Create Hydrogen water on demand. 

Custom Goggles

 Custom positive pressure goggles for maximum gas absorption. 

1x 6’ extension hose

2 x 10’ extension hose

Move freely during therapy with extended reach.

Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit with everything you need to ensure your machines effectiveness and longevity.

This comprehensive kit unlocks the full potential of your hydrogen machine, offering personalized comfort, targeted therapy, and a spa-like experience. Invest in your well-being with the Deluxe Accessory Kit and breathe easy knowing you have everything you need to maximize your hydrogen therapy journey. Our accessories use a quick release system for easy switching.

Our Clients Say

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iHG - 600 Set Up Manual

Note: While there is ongoing research into the potential health benefits of Brown's Gas, the field is still evolving, and scientific consensus on its efficacy for various health claims is not yet established. Individuals considering the use of Brown's Gas for health purposes should consult with healthcare professionals and rely on peer-reviewed research for accurate information.

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