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Music & Sky Festival! We're there!

Hey Friends! iHeal Collective will be hanging out at Music & Sky at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, CA , June 20th-24 2024. Find out why this freedom festival is unmissable! Keep Reading below!

We are very excited to announce that this year’s Music & Sky will be bigger than ever!  Taking place on the weekend of the Summer Solstice at the beautiful Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, CA. This is our all ages family campout. However, this year we are doing something completely different!

We have listened to the community and are taking action to deliver what so many have asked for! Music & Sky has always been about the Experience of the Moment and the Connections we make with each other as well as the Acts of Service that we perform while at the event.

In 2022 at our event at Cielos, Eileen McKusick commented to us that we had created “the village she wanted to live in every day“. Well, this year we feel that the community is ready to create that village together. It’s time to step up and create the reality that we all have been talking about since 2020!

This means more community-driven programming from us, lots of space for creative connection, building, play and expression, an open stage with daily signups for anyone that wishes to be heard + daily volunteer shifts for attendees to serve the community.

Of course, we will deliver our signature production and make sure the venue is beautifully lit and animated with our usual amazing musical acts and keynote speakers but the overall atmosphere will be one of community creation… and we have found the perfect venue to make this all happen!

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