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How to use the Mito-Fascia Gun

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So many people have what they think is called a "Massage Gun", and they are flat out doing it wrong! Super charge your routine with this express ticket to maximize your investment in a mito-fascial gun BoDreay emphasizes the use of the Mito-Fascia Gun, a versatile tool that goes beyond simple massage, to address various aspects of wellness. She delves into topics such as lymphatic drainage, tension band release, and meridian stimulation. With extensive knowledge in reflexology and bodywork, she demonstrates how to effectively use the Mito-Fascia Gun to release tension bands, particularly in the limbs, arms, and upper body. Additionally, BoDreay highlights the significance of the lymphatic system and provides techniques to stimulate and maintain its health. She shares insights on the lymphatic system's reliance on hydration, gravity, and energy meridians. BoDreay guides viewers through practices that target specific areas of the face and head, including acupressure points, to promote pain relief and self-massage. BoDreay's expertise lies in incorporating the Mito-Fascia Gun as a tool for holistic wellness, combining elements of reflexology, bodywork, lymphatic drainage, and meridian stimulation to help individuals achieve physical and energetic balance in their bodies.

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