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The Healing in Me, is the Healing in You

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Raynor Massage & Bodywork
Advanced Reflexology

Live Blood Analysis
Chinese Cupping Therapy
Vibration & Sound Therapy

PEMF Therapy
Ozone Therapy
Gua Sha  

Lymphatic Drainage
Energy Work​

Nutraceutical Consultations


Herbal & Plant Medicine

Pool Therapy


Cranial Sacral

Forever Young Facials

Colon Therapy

Horse and Cat Therapy


Aroma Therapy

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What we're about

The real healers are not the ones who attempt to heal you, they are the ones that guide you on your journey to self healing and how to heal yourself. Everyone wants to live a healthy long life, but there is no clear cut path to get there. That’s where iHealCollective comes in. Founded in 2021 by a team of experts understanding the need for a true alternative to healthcare and every day balance. Our Practitioners are passionate about health and wellness. Coming soon, we are proud to present training and video course content created with love, to guide heal and restore. 

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