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1000 year old Aliens presented to Mexican Congress

Unveiling Extraterrestrial Evidence in Mexican Congress

"It is an honor for me to present on such a high platform the results of my analyzes derived from the study of the anatomy of these non-human bodies." These words, spoken under oath before the Mexican Congress by Jaime Maussan.

In a moment of possible historic significance, Jaime Maussan and biologist Jose de la Cruz Ríos strode into the chambers of the Mexican Congress, bearing two glass cases that held an enigmatic secret. These transparent containers cradled what appeared to be nothing short of alien mummies, and the world watched with bated breath as these two researchers prepared to present their astonishing findings. Their testimony, given under oath before the Mexican Congress, marked the culmination of a journey that spanned the globe. It was a testament to the collaborative efforts of multiple laboratories, each playing a crucial role in deciphering the and decoding the biological material within.

Mysteries Unveiled: Non-Human Bodies

Jaime Maussan, a renowned figure in investigative journalism and UFO research, joined forces with biologist Jose de la Cruz Ríos to delve into the enigmatic discovery of beings that challenge our very understanding of life on Earth. Employing a vast array of scientific methodologies, from X-rays and computed tomography to carbon-14 dating, DNA analysis, and forensic anthropology, the researchers left no stone unturned in their quest for answers.

Preserved by Time: Diatom Powder and Carbon-14 Dating

The bodies, measuring approximately 60 cm in length, were found in Peru, covered in a white powder identified as diatom powder. This substance, observed through electron microscopy, not only preserved the bodies but also prevented the growth of bacteria, fungi, and cadaveric fauna. The remarkable preservation allowed Maussan and his team to estimate the age of these entities to be around 1000 years old through carbon-14 dating.

Upon closer examination, the anatomy of these entities presents a profound enigma. While possessing a humanoid structure with a head, trunk, abdomen, and limbs, their characteristics deviate significantly from known human biology. Their bones exhibit a remarkable harmony in joint structure, characterized by lightweight yet robust bone structures reminiscent of avian physiology.

The Pneumatized Skull and Extraordinary Vision

The heads of these entities, particularly intriguing, feature a pneumatized skull with spacious interiors, indicating potential accommodation for a substantial brain or neurological material. Enormous eye orbits hint at the possibility of an extraordinary stereoscopic vision capability. Their small nostrils and absence of teeth suggest a method of nutrition characterized by swallowing rather than chewing.

The neck, a long structure joining the head, diverges from typical primate species, possessing a unique rectangular and cubic shape. This distinctive feature aligns with the presence of four or five cervical vertebrae, allowing for a retractable neck, akin to that of turtles. In their thoracic region, these entities exhibit a fork-like structure, reminiscent of birds, offering a wide range of mobility for their shoulder joints.

Remarkably, the researchers discovered evidence of continuous gestation within the abdominal region, with the presence of three eggs. Advanced tomography unveiled minute details of oviducts, providing undeniable evidence of biological and organic reproduction processes. The study also revealed traces of muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and possible organs or organelles, opening the door to further exploration.

Unique Extremities and Metallic Implants

The extremities of these entities feature a seamless joint structure and biomechanical wear, culminating in tridactyl hands and feet with five phalanges. Most strikingly, these beings lack carpal and tarsal bones, with phalanges directly connected to arm and forearm bones. Microscopic examination unveiled unique straight and horizontally linear fingerprints—an impossibility to replicate naturally.

Some of these bodies even bore metallic implants, seamlessly fused within their skin, composed of alloys including osmium and cadmium, materials used in modern satellite telecommunications.

DNA Analysis: A Profound Revelation

Perhaps the most significant revelation came from DNA analysis. After comparing the genetic material with over a million registered species, researchers found a staggering difference of more than 30%. To put this in perspective, humans differ from primates by less than 5% and from bacteria by less than 15%. This genetic disparity challenges our fundamental understanding of life's diversity and origins.

A Paradigm-Shifting Discovery

Jaime Maussan's testimony to the Mexican Congress leaves us with profound questions. Are these beings evidence of a previously unknown terrestrial species? Alternatively, could they represent evidence of contact with extraterrestrial entities, echoing ancient legends and myths from cultures around the world?

In the spirit of scientific curiosity and exploration, we must remain open to further investigation and collaboration within the scientific community. The evidence presented challenges us to reconsider our place in the cosmos and embrace the possibility of new and unconventional life forms.

Pictured is a reported "Alien" from a crash in Russia. The similarity is notable.

In the words of Carl Sagan, "The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself." As we contemplate the mysteries unveiled by Maussan's research, we continue our quest to understand the cosmic tapestry that surrounds us.

But while the focus of this incredible narrative may seem alien in nature, it bears a profound connection to the pursuit of health and longevity here on our home planet. As we explore the depths of this cosmic conundrum, we find that there's another extraordinary story unfolding—one that involves Browns gas therapy. While not of extraterrestrial origin itself, this groundbreaking therapy was once as mysterious and enigmatic as the alien mummies themselves. Today, it stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking to unlock the secrets of enhanced health and a longer life.

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