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Dragon Dreams in Ecuador with Yoshi Pantera

Yoshi Pantera, a leader in the regenerative culture movement, was recently interviewed on the Jab Rehab podcast. He discussed his efforts to create more self-sufficient and sustainable communities around the world.

A major project Yoshi is working on is developing retreat center properties near indigenous communities in Ecuador. The goal is to allow people to temporarily escape modern society and learn how to live in harmony with nature and each other.

On the Ecuador land, there are plans to construct a large multi-story building called Casa Madre to house retreat participants and create a communal living space. Yoshi stresses the importance of communities learning how to make decisions and resolve conflicts before taking on ambitious projects long-term.

The Jab Rehab host expressed interest in documenting the development of Casa Madre and the communities in Ecuador. Yoshi drew comparisons to similar projects he's involved with in Florida and Mexico.

A key part of the retreats is offering classes in holistic healing modalities like reflexology, sound healing and cupping. Yoshi had two students share positive feedback about what they learned from a recent mixed modality course in Mexico.

The interview highlighted Yoshi's vision for more regenerative culture models and ethical communities around the world. The Ecuador land project and Casa Madre represent an inspiring example of creating spaces for people to learn sustainable living practices.

Check out the video Here

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