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Innocouous - Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND - Blog Series Part 11

Updated: Feb 9

Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND

The Miracle Hunter

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Surviving the Big C: Unveiling Medical Abuse, Confronting Cancer Realities, and Navigating the Journey Back to Health

My brain tumors were never described as “innocuous”. In fact, they were never given any type of description by the medical profession other than likely life-threatening. My life has contained many incidents and challenges that could have brought me to my creator in a body bag or urn. I still do not know the motivation for Dr. Friedman to use that term in April 2005. His description did give me a one-week reprieve from my rather rigorous and limiting protocol. It gave me hope that there was life after cancer treatment.

I believe that medical abuse is rampant. The mandate of the powers-to-be was and is to destroy natural medicine as completely as possible to increase the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. Much of that industry is based on the petrochemical industry as most pharmaceuticals are manufactured from petroleum-based ingredients. Evil minds saw this as a massive profit-making venture well over 100 years ago. They put their plan into action and have done well at making it a success. Unfortunately, it is the people of the Western civilizations that have become the victims of this plan to ignore nature’s ability to heal us. Numerous other cultures observe God’s edict in healing.

I have incredible gratitude for all of the physician’s that have assisted me on this journey through cancer and other medical issues. I have acquired a great amount of knowledge and have been able to assist many others on similar journeys back to a healthy state. So, what are the takeaways that I have obtained from my Big Sea and C adventures?

  1. Cancer is curable and does not have to be a death sentence. We all have small cancers forming in our bodies every day. Our immune system kills them if it is healthy enough and allowed to do what it innately has done for millions of years. Ultimately, the best cure for cancer is to avoid it in the first place.

  2. If you beat cancer without medical treatment, you never enter the world of statistics as you are a complete anomaly in their world of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation. They will never consider you cured, only in what they call remission. They always expect your cancer to return for another visit.

  3. Once you are cured, you must remain diligent and have great respect for cancer. You must always act as if you still have it and continue your lifestyle modifications and certain natural treatments that got you through their paradigm and back to health. Most oncologists prefer not to hear about your natural healing success, however; they will tell you to “keep doing what you are doing”.

  4. Surgery may be necessary to remove tumors, taking the stress off of the immune system for killing large accumulations of cancer cells. Medical follow-up treatment is another issue and needs to be researched and perhaps avoided.

  5. Oncologists only know what they have been taught in med school and postgraduate work. What they tell you is not necessarily gospel and may be false. Trusting them absolutely can be dangerous to your health and result in your death. Do your research or find someone else to do it for you for your own conclusions. Get a trusted advocate to help guide you through the process!

  6. Fear is the tactic that the medical profession uses to get your cooperation. Never let their expectation of your timely death rule your actions and decisions. We are all going to the same place and that’s why it is called the human race. Learn about death and what it truly means so that fear is not an element in your decisions. “Do no harm” is the first article in the Hippocratic oath. They rarely follow their oath and knowingly or unknowingly do great harm to the masses.

  7. Maintain your autonomy! If you are going to have surgery, make sure you arrange things beforehand to maintain your ability to communicate with family friends and perhaps clients. Realize that you will be in a very vulnerable position and you need to protect your rights before you go under the knife. Don’t sign anything while on drugs. This is where a wise advocate can be life saving.

  8. There are many causes for cancer. You need to look at all of them! They occur in four different realms. These are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These interact and need to be examined individually and collectively. It is not likely that one therapist or institution can deal with all of these. Consequently, you may need a team of physicians/therapists who understand the team approach and can interact for your benefit.

Hopefully there has been information in this dissertation that is beneficial to anyone with or without a cancer diagnosis. May you have many long years of cancer free existence.

Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Live Blood Analyst/Instructor

Quantum Muscle Response Testing (QMRT) Practitioner/Instructor

Natural Health & Wellness Practitioner

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