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Innocuous - Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND - A Blog Series - Part 8

Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND

The Miracle Hunter

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Beyond Vaccines: Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Spike Protein Shedding

The second departed friend was 74 years old, perfectly healthy and a complete health nut. She had every gadget, supplement, remedy and book that you could possibly imagine. She had always lived a healthy lifestyle and had not been ill for many years. I got a phone call from her asking me to come and examine her as she had some swollen glands. They had been getting larger for over two weeks and she had used the five dangerous words. Those are “maybe it will go away”. Unfortunately, it didn’t go away.

Upon my arrival and examining her, I found my friend with glands as large as oranges under her arms and in her groin. My first thought was that she was suffering from “acute, aggressive lymphoma”. My analysis was correct as it was confirmed by the medical profession when she entered the hospital. None of my administrations were accepted by her body and it was as though she was programmed to die, and she did! The time between the onset of her swollen glands and death was a total of six weeks.

"They claim to have eradicated polio..."

“They” claim to have eradicated polio, but it still exists in small pockets in various locations on the planet. Interestingly enough, they may have created polio. It was initially called “infantile paralysis”, which showed up in the children of mothers who had been vaccinated with the early versions of the DPT vaccine, a class of combination vaccines against three infectious diseases in humans: diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus (lockjaw). It has now been used for nearly a century.

It is well known that viruses can cross species. The first DPT vaccines were grown in various organs from horses. There is evidence to support the theory that the poliovirus crossed over from horses to humans through the creation of this vaccine. Unfortunately, we may never know the truth about this as the pharmaceutical/medical industry is adept at suppressing information and ideas such as this. These obscure concepts are known by very few experts in the medical and research fields. Most of these are gone now.

Suppression of the truth about vaccination and vaccinosis has been well organized, complete and thorough. “Safe and effective” has always been the mantra of the pharmaceutical/medical cartel in order to alter the immune systems of the world’s populations. Ask any parent of a child who has died or been disabled within hours of an inoculation. They know how safe and effective those injections are. I recall a 12-year-old female patient functioning at the level of a two-year old. How tragic! Not only was her life destroyed, but also the lives of both her lifelong, selfless caregiver parents.

When I was 13 years old, I lined up in the hallway of Fairview Junior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, with all the other seventh graders to get the newly released, oral polio vaccine. My mother dutifully signed the permission form that was required prior to getting the vaccine.

"Coercion is the second most dramatic tactic used to get populations mass inoculated."

I remember it well as a tiny paper cup, half-full of a pink, syrupy-sweet liquid. I dutifully consumed this as it was to protect me from the possibility of getting the highly publicized disease called “polio”. Fear is frequently used as an indoctrination tactic. Coercion is the second most dramatic tactic used to get populations mass inoculated. Vaccination was mandatory then for school attendance. 

Little did I know that the liquid I consumed was contaminated with a virus from the monkeys that the vaccination was grown in. The African green monkey kidney was used as the host tissue to grow the Salk vaccine.

African Green Monkey

It was later determined that this oral vaccine was contaminated with a virus that they named SV40. The SV stands for “Simian Virus”. Simian is the biological term for monkey. Some 65 million American teenagers were infected with Simian Virus 40. It was not determined until some years later that this virus can cause Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the throat, as well as other cancers. How serendipitous! It’s ironic that Dr. Salk got a Nobel prize for helping cause a cancer epidemic decades later. Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for killing millions.

The incubation period for SV40 to become active and cause cancer in humans is between 35 and 40 years. Interestingly enough, it was 35 years, almost to the day from drinking that liquid until ending up at my first cancer appointment in Toronto. There is an epidemic of this particular cancer in the Boomer generation that lined up in the school hallways. I have lost friends to this cancer who were not as fortunate as I to have the resources to fight it. Many friends of mine tell me that I am a walking miracle. I tell people that I have used up 14 of my 9 lives. Without my naturopathic knowledge and skills, I would likely not be on the green side of the grass. That was only the first of my three cancer adventures. Seeing them as adventures is another reason for my survival.

....To Be Continued in Part 9

Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND

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