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Innocuous - Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND - Blog Series - Part 10

Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND

The Miracle Hunter

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Recovering with Magnetic Field and Cat Therapy

After surgery for brain cancer, the medical people wish to do their therapies on you, even if you are a natural health practitioner. The follow-up appointment after brain cancer surgery is automatically booked a few weeks later. You are appointed to the next available oncologist on a long list in “The Cancer Centre”. The tumor was sent to a lab for diagnostic microscopic analysis and within a couple of days, you have the lab report on precisely what kind of tumor was in your brain. Benign, malignant, type and stage are reported. My official medical diagnosis was “Metastatic Malignant Melanoma Stage IV”. Generally, that is a fatal diagnosis, with or without medical treatment. Another diagnosis that I had was “loss of autonomy”.

Magnetic Fields + Cat therapy
Magnetic Fields + Cat therapy

My female partner at the time made an autocratic/executive decision to confiscate my smartphone for a few days. Her reasoning was that it was too stressful for me to be talking on the phone. This was not true and it was the only mode of communication that I had with friends, family and clients. This lasted five days and was truly not appreciated. After surgery, the patient is quite vulnerable in that they are in a state of moderate shock and recovering from brain surgery. It was a lesson well learned in maintaining my autonomy. I made sure that things were different this second time.

The follow-up appointment was three weeks later and was one of my most calamitous encounters with the medical profession, equal in absurdity with the above fool who examined my shoulder in 2005. She was a mid 50s, overweight, East Indian and should never have been allowed to practice medicine, let alone become an oncologist, dealing with life-and-death matters with every single patient. One of the strangest consultations I have ever had followed. I’ve had my share and know when things are simply not right.

My girlfriend attended as my advocate at my first and only appointment with this physician. In a 45-minute consultation, she looked at me for a total of one second! For reasons unknown to me, she did the whole consultation to my girlfriend. I expect that she was of the same mindset as the general practitioner I first saw in 2005. She likely did not want to know me or establish any sort of a relationship as she saw me as a corpse. I find this attitude highly detrimental to a constructive, doctor/patient relationship. After the consultation, I asked my girlfriend if she found something strange about it. She had noticed that the doctor looked at her for the vast majority of a very important consultation.

The other calamitous part of this consult was the information that she transmitted. I understand that her job is to use her skills and knowledge to help the patient survive and thrive. She knows nothing about alternative methods or how someone can survive a normally fatal brain cancer. Her recommendation was something called immunotherapy. My first experience with this concept was in the late 1980s with clients who were undergoing clinical trials for the use of mouse antibodies for the purpose of getting their immune system to kill cancer. Strangely enough, they all passed away within three years.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently developing these immunotherapy drugs for almost every disease that currently exists. American television is filled with advertisements for drugs with names that end with the letters MAB. These letters stand for “Mouse or Monoclonal Anti-Bodies”. If you watch one of these commercials, you need to record it and slow down the high-speed list of “side effects” given at the end. The list is nothing more than terrifying and on many of these medications it includes death. I wonder how many oncologists explain this to their patients or mention possible adverse events.

Cancer cells have the ability to hide from the immune system, which would normally kill them. Two kinds of white blood cells are innately programmed to kill cancer cells. These are monocyte/macrophages and natural-killer lymphocytes. They do this on a consistent basis with cancers that develop in everybody, every day. Unfortunately, when cancer gets to a certain stage, it masks itself and cannot be seen by these white blood cells. It can then grow out of control and create its own blood supply. Now you’re in trouble!

Immunotherapy is designed to unmask the cancer cells, thus allowing the white blood cells to destroy them. This is a wonderful concept except that it has some significant deficiencies. The biggest drawback is that in unmasking the cancer cells, it can also unmask other healthy cells and certain organs. Consequently, the term “adverse events”. These can occur up to two years, and possibly longer after the therapy is administered intravenously. The event can be the destruction of vital, normally functioning organs.  Common targets of these events are the thyroid gland, pancreas, lungs, pituitary gland, liver, parts of the intestinal tract and other organs, even the skin, the largest organ in the body. Disruption of any of these leads to a lifelong dependency on medication, hormones or medical procedures in order to have a semi-normal life. I would definitely call that a life sentence. Prefer death perhaps?

This first oncologist stated that the incidence of these adverse events was “about 14%”. As I had already lost confidence in her, I doubted the accuracy of this statement. As it turned out, I was absolutely correct in my lack of trust in her statistics. It took three days of internet research to find the well-hidden truth about the real incidence of these adverse events. I believe I have studied more about immunotherapy than many other practitioners.

An Israeli PhD/researcher with numerous YouTube videos revealed the truth. He did extensive research into the scientific literature on immunotherapy and his conclusions were that 65% of those receiving immunotherapy had at least one adverse event up to two years after receiving the intravenous therapy. This was hardly the 14% she stated! 

The question I now had was whether she was lying or perhaps conveniently misinformed. That is a moot point in that over 2/3 having adverse events was not something I was willing to risk. Who would take a bet with a one in three possibility of harmless success? I much preferred the risk of the cancer returning and treating it with my own protocols.

Oncologists are conditioned to having their patients comply with recommendations out of fear. Fear of Death is a powerful motivator as many people would prefer lifelong disability over dying. The “C word” is a powerful motivator as survival rates for many cancers are quite short. The words “You Have Cancer” from a medical doctor are usually seen as a possible death sentence. Consequently, many will do almost anything to prolong their life. Most people believe their oncologists and see doctors as “all-seeing/all-knowing professionals”. Perhaps that is a mistake. Are doctors actually that well educated? Their curriculum includes about 10 hours on nutritional supplementation.

Strangely enough, the nurse for the MAID program in Kelowna was my next-door neighbour. We had become good friends as we have a lot in common, such as gardening and maintaining our properties. After I declined medical treatment, I went next-door to ask her about the program. I told her I might be needing her services. She looked me in the eyes and said “yeah, I could do you”. Funny and not funny as well.

The second oncologist that I was appointed to was a lovely, open-minded, caring and co-operative physician. She was also “by the book”, but realized what I was and was willing to work with me on that level. She wanted follow-up MRI studies to determine if the tumor might be reoccurring. I consented to this, but not as frequently as she requested. I declined the toxic gadolinium injections after researching its toxic, cumulative effects on the brain. The brain cancer did decide to return for a sequel.

A follow-up MRI in November of 2019 showed a small but significant tumor regrowing in the same exact location. It was a size that could be treated with radiation, which I declined for the same reasons mentioned above. It was decided that we would do another MRI in February of 2020. Unfortunately, that study revealed an almost identical picture to January of 2019. The tumor was the same size and location as it had been. A complete recurrence was obvious and the situation now became fraught with procedural difficulties. What was I to learn from this rather precarious situation I was in?

The tumor was now too large for radiation therapy and the only alternative for me at this point was another brain surgery. I was not sure whether that would be available as I had refused follow-up medical treatment. I had seen oncologists decline to treat patients based on much less than my refusals. My only option was to essentially beg for surgery in order to prolong my life. I composed a pleading letter. It actually bordered on pitiful.

Unfortunately, I was not in a good bargaining position. The letter stated that if they granted me another surgery, I would commit to doing follow-up focused radiation. I had thoroughly researched this therapy and focused radiation would be much safer and less damaging than whole brain radiation. The letter was delivered at 9 AM on a Monday to the two oncologists I had been dealing with over the last year. My hand was now played, with not one ace up my sleeve.

At 1 PM later that day, I received a phone call from my young neurosurgeon. The conversation went like this. “Your file came across my desk this morning and it looks like we need to do another craniotomy on you.” I was shocked and delighted and my response was simple. “I believe that is correct, when can we do that?”. His response was short and sweet. “We can do that Friday morning”. “That soon!?” I exclaimed. His answer to that question was somewhat comical. He said “I keep Fridays open for people like you”. The second surgery ended up like being a rerun of a medical movie. It was the same tumor, same place, same size. Hopefully this time we will get it all!

Most of my family and friends had WTF? as their exclamation to finding out about this reoccurrence. Not understanding my mindset or my choices, virtually everyone was looking at me through criticism-coloured glasses. I have never really liked that colour. It is my life to do with as I choose and I know that I made the right God-guided decisions.

The Frank Sinatra song “I Did It My Way” comes to mind here as I have always done it My Way. Perhaps I’ve been lucky or perhaps I’ve been able to use my knowledge, resilience, resourcefulness and attitude in order to overcome deadly foes. I do know that I have been kept alive for certain reasons. This article is one of those and transferring information that is valuable to others suffering with various diseases is another. In over 50 years of natural health practice, one acquires significant amounts of valuable information. The ability to transfer that information clearly and accurately is the result of over a thousand public presentations, radio and television appearances, online videos and working with many others over the years who have endeavoured to educate the meek and uninformed. Many of those are gone and strangely enough I have become an elder in my field.

Health is a right, not a privilege, although big Med/Pharma would like you to think they grant you health as a privilege. There is an intelligence that operates us called innate. We were conceived with innate intelligence guiding every aspect of our being with wisdom that we cannot comprehend. This intelligence goes beyond the coding in our DNA and beyond the complexities and intricacies of our immune and nervous systems. As the saying goes, “the power that made you can heal you”, however; that power can only work if it is allowed to do so. Removing the roadblocks and supplying the necessary elements for innate intelligence to perform its miracles is simply the best path to health in this lifetime.

....To Be Continued in Part 11

Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND

Quantum Muscle Response Testing (QMRT) Practitioner/Instructor

Natural Health & Wellness Practitioner

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