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Innocuous - Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND - Blog Series - Part 3

Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND

The Miracle Hunter

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Defying the Odds: Crafting My Own Cancer Protocol and the Ozone Revolution

Knowing how completely inept the medical/pharmaceutical industries are at treating cancer, I decided to design my own protocol and not put my life in the hands of those with a 2 – six % success rate. My clinical results with cancer had not been perfect, but significantly better than 6%. 

At that time, ozone was not an approved therapy for use by naturopathic physicians in Ontario, Canada. It was allowed in British Columbia and a friend of mine had shown me the ozone generators that he was manufacturing and had demonstrated how to use one. I phoned him up and explained my situation and his advice was to immediately book a flight to British Columbia so that I could purchase the necessary equipment and start treatment. I did precisely that and in early February of 2005 I designed and started my cancer protocol. Ozone was a very important part of the overall protocol, as it is known to improve the effectiveness of any and all therapies, naturopathic and allopathic as well. It is used extensively in Europe as an adjunct to natural and medical therapies.

There were numerous eliminations from my diet. Animal protein, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, dairy products, nightshade vegetables and a few others were on the NO list. For three months, my diet consisted of roasted root vegetables and daily fresh squeezed vegetable juice. Other than my antioxidant/alkaline water, nothing else went into my system. My recipe of celery, carrots, beet, apple and ginger was recommended to myself. I truly never thought that I would need to use my own juice recommendations.

My mornings were spent preparing the food and juice for the day. It took approximately one hour to prepare everything. I chopped my vegetables and got them in the oven. Then I would prepare the vegetables for juicing. I produced 24 ounces every day and consumed 8 ounces morning, noon and night. Enough vegetables were prepared for each day’s food intake. All vegetables were organic and purchased at the local farmer’s market. I would have used my own vegetables, but this was the middle of winter and all my organic farmer friends had root cellar cold storage for their winter stocks of farm market root veggies.

During these months of waiting, many of my close friends showed extreme concern and had suggestions about what I could do to clear the cancer from my system. A very close friend, practising as a spiritual counsellor, heard about a woman from the Philippines who was doing “psychic surgery”. And aunt and my parents had been to the Philippines to attend psychic surgeons many years before with glowing reports of improved health.

My appointment with her was nothing short of interesting and fascinating. She ostensibly put her hand into my throat and removed what looked like pieces of chicken meat. Many say they use sleight-of-hand and magician tricks to materialize tumors and other structures that they remove from your body. I will never know if it was real or fake, but it was a valuable experience in learning how far people will go to clear cancer and extend life. She worked by suggested donation and was worth every dollar.

My appointment with the ENT doctor three months later was anticlimactic to say the least. I believe this whole scenario was guided by the creator in order to keep me alive. Dr. Martin was a mid 60s, tall, sophisticated man. He wore a speculum on his forehead and came out to the reception/waiting area to bring me into his exam room. I explained the situation and showed him the lump on the side of my neck. He was quite concerned and proceeded to do a case history and short examination of my neck, sinuses, ears, nose and throat. After the examination was over, he had a few words for me. He said there was good news and bad news. The good news was that the only thing he could find from his examination was the lump on the side of my neck. The bad news was that I was at the wrong doctor! He said that I needed an ENT surgeon. He was not a surgeon and could not remove the lump. He said that excision was the prime objective in order to get a diagnosis of what it actually was. In order to determine treatment, the medical doctors needed to know the type of tumor that it was. “Benign or cancerous?” is the question in these situations. Treatment and prognosis are laboratory determined.

My exclamation was “What t do we do now?”. His reply was simple. He was going to refer me to an ENT-surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital. I asked him how long that was going to take and he said he would do his best to get me an early appointment. To my dismay, it was another ten weeks to wait for the second ENT appointment. I do believe it was the creator giving me time to continue my alternative treatment, which was already showing success. The lump never got any larger than the day I started doing ozone injections. Some friends said they thought it had shrunk, but that was not obvious to me as I was the one living with it. I can only think that I needed more time for my protocol to be effective. It was a time of dedication and consistency to a plan of action.

Intravenous ozone was one of the main therapies that seemed to have a dramatic effect. When you do numerous injections of ozone into the veins of your arms, the veins take a beating and there is frequently some moderate bruising. My arms resembled those of a heroin addict during this period and there were interesting reactions from the medical doctors that I consulted regarding my shoulder injury. I’m very good at reading faces and the reactions were of condemnation and suspicion. I attempted to explain to them my predicament and the therapy I was doing, but the only reaction I got was that I was likely to kill myself with the ozone gas injections.

Their ignorance of its existence and effectiveness was obvious. I fully understand their reactions and have no ill feelings toward them as their understanding of bruised veins comes from treating drug addicts over the course of their careers. I doubt they had ever experienced an ozone addict. 

The lump on my neck had grown significantly since it was first discovered in mid December, 2004. Its growth rate was alarming and it stopped growing the very first day that I did ozone therapy. When it was surgically removed in April, 2005, it was about the size of a large olive. The resident who did the 45-minute surgery was very accomplished. He stated that it was laying against my accessory nerve and that it was a very difficult procedure to remove it without damaging the nerve. Thankfully he was successful and I had no nerve damage from the surgery. A great doctor and surgeon! He smartly left Canada for the USA where he could earn a much better surgical income.

I left Mount Sinai Hospital that day feeling very confident that I had dodged another bullet on my journey through this earthly existence. I escaped Toronto traffic and travelled back to my home in Peterborough. Being confident that I was out of the woods, I purchased a T-bone steak, sweet potatoes and vegetables with a bottle of red wine. The title of this article was the reason that I did such a dramatic about-face in my regime. When you hear the word “Innocuous”, spoken by a medical authority, it gives you confidence that everything is “just fine”.

Well, everything was not “just fine”!

....To be continued in Part 4

Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Live Blood Analyst/Instructor

Quantum Muscle Response Testing (QMRT) Practitioner/Instructor

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