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Innocuous - Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND - Blog Series - Part 4

My Adventures with the Big Sea and C

Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND

The Miracle Hunter

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Choices, and Controversy

Exactly one week after the removal of my lump, I got a phone call from Dr. Friedman at just after 5 PM. It was Friday and he stated that he decided to give me a call before he left for the weekend. He said that he had the results from the pathology report on the small tumor they had removed from my neck. He was rather blunt in his conversation with me and stated that the diagnosis was “Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma”. I asked him if that was a serious issue and his reply to me was “Do your own research and come to your own conclusions”. I did that over the weekend and by Monday morning I had read much about my cancer diagnosis. Needless to say, I was fearful and despondent. I truly hoped it was a misdiagnosis as the future was now tenuous at best. I also realized that the lump on my neck had not been innocuous as I had been told. I did not get the laboratory report until two weeks later. Strangely, it stated that the tumor was dying and degenerating. The only conclusion I could make was the work of ozone etc.

The stated survival rates at five years for my diagnosis were extremely low. I must take into account here that those statistics are based upon medical treatment that has a 2-6% success rate. That statistic comes from the profession that treats such tumors. I was not happy about the rather low success rate that they had with this particular diagnosis. I then made a decision to decline medical treatment altogether, except of course for the surgery which had already been performed. Delays, delays and more strangely beneficial delays. My therapeutic regime needed time to work its healing magic.

During all of this time I had been making plans to relocate to British Columbia, Canada. I had an opportunity to live with my long-distance girlfriend and I decided that if I was going to leave the planet, I would like to spend my last days in a place of extreme beauty with a beauty. Much was drawing me west and my decision to leave Ontario had other factors as well. Some long-term, dependent patients were literally stalking me for information. My time as a chiropractic/osteopathic naturopath in Ontario was at its end.

There was a naturopathic physician in Richmond, British Columbia who specialized in cancer and had a very high success rate of remissions and total cures. Dr. Jimmy Chan ND, was a well-known Naturopathic Oncologist who also did live blood analysis. He didn’t like what he saw in mine and made some recommendations. He used out-of-the-box therapies which he brought from the orient and much of it was intravenous. Strangely enough, he did not use ozone at that time. If he had, I expect that his success rate would have dramatically increased to well above 50%. 

We became good friends as I was a fellow naturopath and used many of the techniques that he did. An extract of ginseng was recommended intravenously. After two sessions, I decided to simply purchase the product and do my own intravenous therapy at home. I was fully trained in intravenous therapy and injections and was quite capable of injecting myself and setting up an IV apparatus. The only topic discussed in his IV rooms was cancer, which was not the most inspirational conversation. Cancer patients tend to talk about diagnosis and treatment. I never felt I was a cancer patient and my attitude was that this was a mere bump on the road of life. I believe that attitude helps save my life.


   Jeremy Friedman MD                           J Scott Durham MD     Jimmy Chan ND 2005                                                           

My trip to Vancouver in late May included numerous medical investigations. I received a PET scan, MRI, blood work, CT scan and throat biopsies. Yes, they took six pieces of my throat while I was under general anaesthesia. All of this was done under the direction of Dr. J. Scott Durham, an ENT oncologist at the University of British Columbia Hospital. I had been referred to him by Mount Sinai’s Dr. Friedman. All of my records had been forwarded. These tests were all done during late May and early June of 2005. During this time, I was self administering the IV treatment recommended by Dr. Chan while continuing my IV/rectal ozone protocol and diet. On July 9, 2005, I returned to Vancouver to get the investigation results. Apprehension was the only feeling now.

...To be Continued in Part 5

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