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Welcome to the team Vee Martinez! A Conversation and video recap from David Avocado Wolfe's Health and Rejuvenation Conference!

Updated: Apr 25

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Health and Rejuvenation Conference in Laguna Beach, California, hosted by the acclaimed David Avocado Wolf. It was an enriching weekend focused on whole body health, with an emphasis on alternative modalities, plant-based nutrition, and spiritual wellness. One of the highlights for me was an insightful conversation I captured on video between two practitioners, Bodreay and Vee. Bodreay is the founder of iHeal Collective, a community of holistic health practitioners, while Vee is their newest member.

In the video, Bodreay and Vee dive into a discussion about Vee's experience at the conference, where she provided treatments to attendees. It was Vee's first time working a convention, and while rewarding, she admitted it was intense meeting client after client. This segued into the two exploring iHeal Collective's multidisciplinary approach, welcoming practitioners like Vee who specialize in different holistic practices. They also introduced David Womack, another new member focused on PEMF therapy. Looking ahead, Bodreay shared plans to bring live blood analysis to clients in Mexico and talked about being on a three-month convention tour to connect with other wellness professionals.

It was insightful to hear them compare notes on past and upcoming conferences. The passion these two have for spreading healing is palpable. I highly recommend checking out the full video on Rumble to hear more of their wisdom. It's yet another reminder of the power of community and plant medicine in transforming health. I'm grateful to these practitioners for the work they do and for showing up authentically to spread their healing gifts.

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