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🌟 Embark on an Epic Journey of Massage Mastery! 🌟

Welcome to the Diploma Course in Raynor Naturopathic Massage - a captivating adventure designed for both passionate massage enthusiasts and aspiring therapists entering the world of healing touch. 

🌐 Save money, make memories and study in Mexico 🌐

Why settle for anything less than the best? Our exclusive Diploma course is available solely through the Raynor College, where excellence is the norm. Our team of Advanced Practitioners, handpicked and personally approved by the legendary Brandon Raynor himself, will be your guides on this thrilling path of discovery.

🌍 A Global Quest for Wisdom 🌍

Brandon Raynor's insatiable thirst for knowledge has taken him on a journey spanning over two decades, exploring massage techniques from every corner of the world. Now that knowledge is available to you.


8 Days


If you book the Certificate and the Diploma course together, you get a double course booking discount which gives you combined course costs of


Tuition: $2500 USD

Location: Troncones, Mexico


If you have already studied for your Certificate course and want to upgrade to gain your Diploma of Raynor Naturopathic Massage, please contact us for pricing.


Course Requirements

For the 8 day Combined Certificate Diploma course we do not have any set entry requirements other than being over the age of 18 (or 16 with a parent or guardian) and having a desire to learn and to heal through massage, as well as a basic understanding of English. For more information please contact us.

Course Size

20 Students Max

Demand for course places can be high and the amount of students for each course are capped at 7 per teacher so we recommend early booking to secure your place. Reserve your spot with a $250* deposit that counts towards your tuition.

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*plus any applicable fees

Our esteemed teachers, too, have ventured with Brandon and honed their craft in close collaboration with him. Together, they bring forth a treasure trove of massage wisdom, incorporating reflexology, aromatherapy, and joint mobilization techniques to enrich your skillset.

🎓 Diploma Unleashed, the Adventure Continues 🎓

Become Pandemic Proof! Upon completing the Diploma course and gaining valuable experience in the art of professional massage, you'll unlock the gateway to our highest level - the Advanced Practitioners Course.  Exclusively available to Raynor Diploma holders, this pinnacle of massage mastery will take you to the summit of your potential, regardless of your prior qualifications or experience in other modalities. 

Are you ready to join the league of exceptional therapists and become a true Raynor Naturopathic Massage expert? The adventure awaits! 

Enroll now to embark on a transformational journey that will shape your destiny as a healer and elevate your massage practice to extraordinary heights.


Insurance Accreditation

Course Outline

  • Joint mobilization techniques for the toes, fingers, ankles, wrists, hips, back and sacrum

  • Special moves that enable a person to give more pressure for clients that like deeper massage

  • Using the feet to walk on the hands and feet of the client and for smaller people, the technique of walking on the back of the client

  • Reflexology of the hands and feet

  • Ayurvedic massage oils and Ayurvedic constitutional diagnosis.

  • Introduction to the use of Chinese liniments in massage

  • Learning to use essential oils with massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Stronger emphasis on developing rhythm and flow with massage.

  • Feedback to enable you to become a better practitioner

  • Demonstration of full body massage

  • Introduction to diagnosis and strategy in Raynor massage

  • Instructions on how to set up and run a Raynor massage therapy business

  • Student clinic to get feedback and develop confidence in treating real clients


Learn Advanced Techniques

Accelerated Expertise

Our Raynor Naturopathic Massage Diploma course is designed for people who would like to start a new career in the massage industry. It is also a good choice for existing health professionals who would like to expand their skill range to include the wide variety of techniques and philosophy that make up Raynor massage. The expert teaching provided and the benefits of studying in a group of no more than 15 students to one teacher means that we expect that everyone who completes the course can give an effective therapeutic massage. Raynor Massage is such a unique massage style, if you are focused then you can become incredibly effective with just two weeks of training. We will also teach you to integrate both reflexology and aromatherapy into your massage practice.

The aim of the massage remains the same for the Diploma as for the Certificate. Essentially, you will learn to find tension in the body and eliminate it. On the Diploma course, your ability to release tension is taken to a deeper level. It is often possible to access tension that has been stored for many years, even since childhood. The Diploma trains the massage therapist to work an a more extensive manner in order to track and release the bands of tension that run through the body.

Practical Education & Assessments

We teach massage in a uniquely hands-on manner. The tutor input and hands-on massage learning method applies for the Diploma course as it does for the Certificate. This is because you will learn so much from both giving and receiving the massage. You will work with different people across the week so that you can gain experience working with different body types while learning how different people hold their tension. You will gain more experience in learning to adapt the depth of the massage so that it is appropriate for the individual client.

On the final day of the course we open the doors for our ‘student clinic’ where we invite members of the public to receive a free massage. This is an integral part of the assessment of the Diploma where you will carry out everything learnt on the course, from taking a case history, selecting oils, giving a full body treatment and discussing aftercare advice with your client.

Course days are very intensive and usually run from 9-5pm,  a 45 min to 1 hour break for lunch each day.

What students are saying

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Featured Accomodation

Troncones, Mexico

Hacienda Eden

A Learning Sanctuary - A Vision of Heaven

At Hacienda Eden, amidst the serene surroundings of Troncones, you will embark on a life-changing experience through our Raynor Therapy Training Program. Discover the secrets of this powerful modality while basking in the soothing ocean waves and vibrant landscapes

Meet Your Guides

Master Trainer

Karina Gerdum Cibrian

Karina’s empathetic disposition and interest in natural healing began at an early age, which she credits to her mother and German upbringing. After 15 years of owning and operating a restaurant with her husband, she was looking for a more fulfilling lifestyle and to inspire the people she loves the most– her three children. She has since chosen the path of a Natural Healer and believes in a holistic approach to health through massage and naturopathy. Being a Raynor Massage Instructor has given her the opportunity to help people first hand and to share that knowledge with others exponentially.

Ayssia Drum Tree Portrait.jpg
Assistant Trainer

Ayssia Guennette

Ayssia's transformative journey began with a mental breakdown, battling depression and anxiety. Through counseling and psychedelic mushrooms, she found healing. Embracing Reiki and Shamanic practices, Ayssia guides others on their paths to healing. Follow her on social media (@Ayssia The Heart Welder) and embrace the power of choice to learn, grow, and inspire positive change.

Bo Headshot parth 1_edited.jpg
Assistant Trainer/Host

BoDreay Fraser

Bodreay Fraser, known as "Bo," is a renowned teacher in alternative healing. She advocates mixed modality healing, combining diverse practices like Raynor, cupping, reflexology, massage, and sound healing. Through her warm and compassionate teaching style, Bo empowers students to embrace holistic approaches, addressing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Her legacy inspires a new generation of healers to make a profound impact on holistic wellness. Have questions? Contact Bo

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