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Innocuous - Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND - A Blog Series - Part 1

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

My Adventures with the Big Sea and C

Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND

The Miracle Hunter

©2024 Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND

“Innocuous” was the word he used to describe the lump on the side of my neck when I went to the chief of the ear, nose and throat department (ENT) at Mount Sinai Hospital

in downtown Toronto in April, 2005. In its definition, the innocuous synonyms are

benign, harmless, hurtless, innocent, inoffensive and safe. I could only draw one

conclusion from his exclamation. It gave me a sense of hope and set some interesting

expectations up in my consciousness. Luckily, I had already been treating myself

naturally since early February with a rather creative, rigorous protocol, designed

specifically to save my life. So here is the story of a rather strange Odyssey.

Let’s go back to the beginning of this adventure so that you will understand how I ended

up with a potentially deadly throat cancer. There is a virus called “human papilloma

virus” [HPV] which has a tendency to lead to the particular type of cancer that I

experienced in 2005. The actor Michael Douglas went through the same cancer

scenario, only publicly. There were other causal factors involved as there usually are.

The incidence of this virus in the North American population is extremely high as it is

spread through sexual contact, including kissing, and does not necessarily cause any

obvious symptoms. It can go unnoticed until it leads to cancer. It is not uncommon to

acquire this virus on New Year’s Eve or at a wedding where everybody seems to kiss

everybody. I however, experienced extremely severe symptoms within a very short time

after exposure to this rather nasty microorganism. Strangely enough, the person I

acquired it from claimed that she got it from a washroom doorknob. I will never know if

that is true, but what I do know is that I had a difficult week. That was the first trauma to

my immune system in 2004. There were three other pre-cancer immune assaults that

year, all occurring within a six-month time frame leading to a potentially dire culmination.

In mid September, I chaperoned my amazing 87-year-old father on an eco-tour to

Iceland and Greenland. In Iceland I acquired an eye infection in the public, volcanic hot

pool attraction called Blue Lagoon. As I do not treat infections with antibiotics, it took a

number of days to resolve with the natural remedies that I had with me for the trip. It

was quite severe and not the best look. I resorted to wearing sunglasses until the

infection resolved. I think the creator for giving me a strong and intact immune system.

The trip from Iceland to Greenland was in a 200-foot, re-rigged Russian research vessel

and should never have been done. Just prior to departure, a storm set in and I was

unaware that we were entering the strongest winds in over half a century. Logically, we

should never have sailed, but the expedition leader somehow convinced the ship’s

captain to make the crossing anyway. The Straits of Denmark are noted to be one of the

most dangerous passages of the earth’s oceans. The north Atlantic is WW2 infamous.

On the left is the 200-foot vessel and on the right, we are in the high seas

As it turned out, there was significant danger in the 38-foot+ waves that broke over the

bow of the ship, disallowing us from arriving at our designated destination in Greenland.

In waves that epic, the boat must be kept directly into the wind or there is danger of

catastrophic capsizing, even with a 200-foot ocean vessel. The 15-hour crossing took

us 72 hours at our maximum speed of 1-2 knots. If you know anything about

oceanography, that is incredibly slow, as we were sailing into an extremely strong wind.

At times we did zero knots when a very large wave would halt our progress for up to a

minute. Not rolling out of my bunk was difficult at times, as was keeping food down.

I am one of three offspring from my parents and I’m the one that acquired a very nasty

challenge called “Sea-sickness”. Thanks mom! Of 76 people aboard, my father was one

of four that did not get seasick. He acquired a few bruises and that was all. I never did

well in boats, either large or small with the action of waves, and had turned green and

tossed my cookies on various boat trips. As a child, I was the one prone to car-sickness

whenever we travelled as a family. It is likely that the incredible ear infections I had as a

boy were responsible for the sensitivity of my balance mechanisms to the motion of

automobiles, boats and amusement park rides. I loved the Tiltawhirl, but it definitely did

not love me! Getting off and walking behind to toss my cookies was way embarrassing.

My father and I bundled in Greenland - Proudly atop a Greenland mountain.

72 hours of seasickness is extremely hard on the immune system, as the lack of sleep

and constant fighting off nausea take their toll on the energy systems, including

immunity. After 4 Days in Greenland, recovering from seasickness and exploring an

incredible continent, we departed again for our return to Iceland. The wind came up

again to almost identical levels we had experienced just days before. The only

difference was that the wind was at our back and we were able to make the crossing in

20 hours, but I experienced seasickness again the whole way. Needless to say, not a

very enjoyable trip. One poor traveller could not pee and was evacuated back to the US.

Little did I know that these three events had allowed my body to create a very serious

cancer in my throat. I was completely unaware of its presence as it was very small at

that point. I had no lumps or obvious symptoms that would alarm me to its presence.

The creator has ways of informing you that you are suffering from something serious. It

took another physical challenge to create something that was identifiable as cancer.

The fourth trauma to my immune system in 2004 was acquired at a ski resort in British

Columbia, Canada. At the time, I had moderate cataracts and my vision was

significantly impaired in overcast situations. The first day of the season was significantly

cloudy and it was impossible to discern bumps and dips with everything being snow

bright. I hit an unmarked gully and did a medium-speed shoulder-plant into the side of

the mountain. I tore six out of eight structures in my right shoulder and significantly

injured my lower neck as well. I painfully managed to ski back to the chalet and looking

in the mirror, realized that I had torn my A/C (Acromio-clavicular) joint. I was unaware of

the other tears until an MRI a few months later. The pain was immeasurable and

painkillers were resorted to, even though I normally do not prescribe or use them. I had

seen hundreds of A/C joint injuries and knowing them well, I had never seen one as

severe as this one. How ironic?

....To be Continued

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Live Blood Analyst/Instructor

Quantum Muscle Response Testing (QMRT) Practitioner/Instructor

Natural Health & Wellness Practitioner

Copyright 2023

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At 56 and historically healthy given my tough start as an infant, I have always tried to eat healthy, avoiding fad diets or the ever changing “healthy” recommendations. I noticed how even if I stuck to fresh somewhat locally or regional grown foods over the years my food was not providing the nutrients and I was puzzled why fresh fruits were not subjected to the same testing verification that fruits that were canned or used in prepared meals were. But strangely when a fruit was cut up for a salad all of sudden it had no nutritional value per labels. Yet the fresh fruits relied on some generic chart to tel you it was full of great stuff. But this…

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