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Innocuous - Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND - Blog Series - Part 5

Beyond the Lump: A Journey of Healing, Natural Wisdom, and Defying the Cancer Cartel

The result was simple. There was no cancer showing up in any of the tests or biopsies. According to Dr. Durham, this did not mean that I was cancer free. He stated that the primary cancer in my situation can be extremely hard to find as there are numerous places where it could be hiding. His recommendation was that I do radiation therapy to “make sure that it’s gone and doesn’t come back”. It took me very little time to conclude that I was not going to do radiation therapy and that I would make sure it was gone permanently. I had come this far with only surgery and was not planning to burn my throat and larynx [voice box] with radiation. I had seen what that had done to some of my patients and made the decision that I would prefer to leave the planet, rather than be unable to speak. My voice is a part of my ability to help people by transferring wellness knowledge to them. Besides, radiation therapy can also cause more cancer. At the writing of this article, I am currently at 19 years from first discovering that lump.

Two sayings that I have used over the years come to mind here. The first is “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke”. That one had significant bearing in this particular situation. I understood Dr. Durham’s concern and that his mandate was to make sure the cancer that had manifested in my body was eradicated. I know that he meant well. With the dismal success rate of 2% in treating cancer, there is a lot of fixing of unbroken humans going on. The life expectancy with my situation was not particularly encouraging, however; my choice was to live my life as naturally as possible for however long I had left. My cancer was not totally enigmatic as my new friend Dr. Jim Chan explained to me the mechanisms of its formation. He also explained how proud I should be that it was gone. At the time I experienced great shame as a naturopathic doctor getting cancer. I had always been the healthiest person I knew and did my very best to set a healthy example for my clients. Other local naturopaths of that time were overweight or had other health issues that did not allow them to be a good example for their clients. One died of cancer. I had always walked my talk and cancer was not something I had expected in this lifetime.

As the saying goes “life is what happens when you’re making other plans”. Natural therapies work by enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself. That is the “no harm” method of healing. If doctors followed their oath, things would be quite different.

I was well aware that I had a family history that predisposed me, but I always expected that my lifestyle and profession would mean that cancer would not be in my reality. It was my friend Dr. Jimmy Chan who set me straight with this attitude. At the time, he was having a 50% success rate with serious and terminal cancer clients. That level of success is unheard of in cancer treatment. He did this by using “out-of-the-box” therapies that he brought over from countries in the Far East. These were unapproved in North America, even though they had incredible success rates in their home countries.

This unfortunately was his downfall. If you have significant non-medical success with cancer, they will confront you and do whatever they can to stop you. Cancer treatment is very big business, being one of the largest industries on the planet, employing billions around the world. A safe, effective and inexpensive cure could mean economic disaster. What would all those doctors, nurses, staff and technicians do?

Dr. Chan suffered the same fate as many who have assisted large numbers of people in beating cancer. The Naturopathic Licensing Board of British Columbia made sure that he could no longer help people. Instead of suspending his license so he could “come in line with their requirements”, they removed his license permanently and banned him from practising naturopathic medicine in Canada for life! This was the first “life sentence” ever exercised in Canada against a naturopathic physician. I felt it was obvious that the motivation was to stop something that had progressed to the point of infringing on the profits of the cancer cartel. So much for naturopathy actually being progressive. I quit naturopathy at that point, realizing that I couldn’t do what I needed to.

...To Be Continued

Dr. Ross Andersen DC, ND

The Miracle Hunter

©2024 Dr. Ross Andersen DC ND

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