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By Anika Theuer

Mexico is still free. There are rules here, but mostly they are not enforced or only enforced when there are extreme violations. Stop signs are suggestions to slow down and look both ways before proceeding. You would never get a ticket for failing to use your blinker, crossing a double line, or other mundane violations and people mostly park where they want within reason. There is no highway patrol. If your plates are expired on your car you will renew them in a Mexican minute. Insurance is a luxury. If you can fit five family members on your motorcycle go ahead. If your neighbor is playing music loudly or their dog is barking you simply use ear plugs. You would not ask them to turn down their music or silence their animals. My need for silence is not greater than their need to enjoy loud music. If you want to set up a food truck in the parking lot go right ahead and if your food makes somebody sick they simply won’t eat there again.

There is no inspection service or licensing agreements to set up a lemonade stand, or to sell things. If you want to paint your house a bright color you can do so to your hearts content and you can build whatever you want on your own property. You could run a coffee shop out of your living room. You do not have to pay for building permits or get permission from anyone. Instead of homeowner associations people talk to each other and resolve the conflict outside of the legal system. Here, the legal system might be the slowest way to resolve a conflict. People don’t sue each other. When you pass a Mexican on the street they smile and say good morning or good afternoon 99% of the time. In contrast, If you pass an American or Canadian and they will mostly ignore you. No one flips each other off while driving nor will they cut you off in traffic because people move in and out and others compensate. There is a lot of honking to tell people you’re coming into their lane, however. Pedestrians don’t have the right of way so you have to move fast when crossing the street. There is minimal political conflict because they don’t have two opposing systems that attack and denigrate each other like in the states. There are cartels here, but the system keeps the criminals in check and tourists are quite safe because they are the biggest source of income and are mostly protected. Warnings about it being dangerous to travel in Mexico are definitely over emphasized. In the USA you’re likely to be more harmed by the medical and government cartels there than the cartel here. On a small downside, if you need to use a public restroom you might have to pay and it is highly unlikely that the toilet will have a toilet seat. in Mexico you don’t flush the toilet paper you use the garbage can.

Overall, the people in the USA and Canada have allowed themselves to be overregulated on every level and there seems to be few personal freedoms left. It happens so slowly that maybe people didn’t notice, and it takes moving away from all of that and living in a country that is actually free to realize what has happened. It is like putting a frog in a pan of water. If you slowly heat it, a degree at a time, the frog will not notice it and hop out so eventually it will boil to death. I would say that the USA is boiling as we speak. I hope to never return. If we want our freedoms back we might want to stop complying and say no. No authority has any power except the power that we give it.


Anika is a psychic consultant and an ascension guide. Skilled in mediumship, tarot reading, transpersonal hypnotherapy, channeling, light language. Anika was trained and initiated by an Incan Peruvian Shaman. Anika has a masters degree in social work and has been working with clients of all ages for 25 years.

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